Templeton Fellows' Activities

This section of the Templeton Fellows website is dedicated to collecting the various publications, presentations, websites etc. that have been created by participants of the Fellowship since returning to their home countries.

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Spain – Il Jornadas Nacionales Sobre Altas Capacidades Intelectuales(Catalan, pdf)


Australia – Differentiating the Curriculum(English, pdf)

Brazil – Assistance to Gifted Students in Brazil(English, pdf)
Brazil – Inteligencia, creatividad y talento: una inversion para la ninez en riesgo(Portuguese, pdf)
Brazil – Núcleos de Atividades de Altas Habilidades / Superdotación en Brasil(Portuguese, pdf)
Brazil – Prácticas Educacionales que Favorecen el Desarrollo del TalentoTipos de Diferenciación Curricular(Portuguese, pdf)
Brazil – Assessing Data of a Public Policy on Giftedness in Brazil(English, pdf)
Brazil – Implantaciónde Políticas Públicas paraAltas Habilidades / Superdotación en Brasil(Portuguese, pdf)

Botswana – Nurturing Gifted & Talented Students in Botswana(English, pdf)

Bulgaria – Entering the World of Mathematics Research at School Age(English, pdf)

India – Tribal Mensa (English, website)
India – Evaluation of the Tribal Mensa Program(English, pdf)
India – Midwest-Great Lakes Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration International(English, pdf)

Ireland – The Templeton Fellow / Belin-Blank Experience (English, pdf)

Mexico – Methods and Procedures in Screening Gifted Mayan Students(English, pdf)
Mexico – Methods and Procedures in Screening Gifted Mayan Students(English, pdf)
Mexico – Annotations on the Use of the Mexican Norms for the WAIS-III(English, pdf)

Netherlands – Gifted Education in 21 European Countries(English, pdf)
Netherlands – Aspectos Metodológicos en Superdotación(Spanish, pdf)
Netherlands – Scientific Research on Giftedness(English, pdf)

Nigeria – Report of Gifted Education Conference (English, pdf)

Slovakia – Testosterone & Cognition(English, pdf)
Slovakia – Neurobiologické východiská inkluzívnej pedagogiky(Slovak, pdf)

Spain – Atenció educativa de l‟alumnat amb altes capacitats des de l‟escola inclusiva(Spanish, pdf)
Spain – Intervenció educativa amb alumnat amb altes capacitats(Spanish, pdf)

Togo – L’éducation des doués et le développement des Talents(French, pdf)