Wallace Symposium

The next Wallace National Research Symposium on Talent Development is May 16-18, 2010, at The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA.

Wallace Research SymposiumThe Wallace National Research Symposium on Talent Development focuses on research and theory construction in talent development, creativity, and gifted education. The Symposium brings together the leading researchers and theoreticians in the field to provide a forum for their most current work. The Wallace Research Symposium is considered one of the world’s premier conferences on research in talent development.

The Symposium is made possible through an endowment from the Wallace Research Foundation on behalf of Henry B. and Jocelyn Wallace.

2010 Wallace Presentations

Research, Policy, and Practice: Through the Activities of The Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration - Assouline, Susan

National Policy and the Gifted - Benbow, Camilla

Programs that Provide Personalized Support for Educational Needs - Brody, Linda

Academic Acceleration: Advances in Research, Policy, and Practice - Colangelo, Nick

A Teacher Education Program and the Higher Education Opportunity Act - Croft, Laurie

Response to Pinker - Durham, Gigi

Evolved Cognitive Biases, Human Intellectual Talent, and the Creation of Culture - Geary, David

State of the Nation in Gifted Education - Green, Nancy

Velcro Labels; Dynamic Processes A Developmental Perspective on Giftedness and Talent - Horowitz, Frances

Educational Acceleration, Individual Differences, and the Elephant in the Classroom - Lubinski, David

In Their Own Voices: Factors That Influence African American Males’ Career Trajectory in STEM - Moore, James

IQ: How Psychology Hijacked Intelligence - Murdoch, Stephen

On the Bull’s Eye: Affective Talent Development and Its Urgency for Self and Society - Olenchak, Richard

The Cousins at the Two Tails of the Normal Curve: Issues One Finds with a Wide-Angle Lens - Robinson, Nancy

Bronxville High School - Saul, Mark

Educational Policy Development at the American Psychological Association - Subotnik, Rena

The Challenges of Being a Gifted Girl - Wood, Denise